I am Riya, a content writer & strategist for Marketing & B2B SaaS(marketing,HR,eCommerce)

Byline in Zavvy & PrimoStats.
Some companies I have ghostwritten for include Zavvy,
Rapidr,Arcade,Namogoo,and TriangleIP.

Are you looking for someone who can take care of your content demands?

I help agencies and brands with easy-to-read, SEO-optimized content

I understand the purpose of the searcher’s online search (search intent) and write content to solve their pain point and help them take the required action.

I specialize in writing long-form, data-driven articles.

My Services

Blog Post / Articles Writing

Case Studies Writing

Linkedin Personal Branding

Blog Post / Article Writing

If you are reading this right now, I assume you already know why content is essential for your brand. Let’s not complicate things; the formula is straightforward: valuable content = more customers.

Although content must be SEO-optimized for search engines, it should not be keyword stuffed.

That’s where I come in; I don’t stuff my content with keywords; I just let it flow. I write both for search engines and humans. That seems like a win-win situation, you receive traffic, and your audience receives insightful content.

Case Studies

Do you need someone to write a case study to show how your customers used your product to overcome their problems?

Then I am your girl!

I can write a compelling story with a beginning, middle, and end to make your case study amazing.

I’ll avoid jargon, spend more time on the title, add images, pull quotes, make it scannable, add a call to action and edit it like a pro.

LinkedIn Personal Branding

As a founder, I understand how hard it can be to take time from your busy schedule and create your personal brand.


I help start-up founders and solopreneurs make their brands through content on Linkedin.

Personal branding can help you build the customers’ trust, letting people know who you are and how much value you can bring to their business.

Clients speaks

“I only reviewed the first two pages. I think the structure and strategy are great”.

– Phoebe Yao (Founder of Pareto)

“I’ve had the chance to pop into the article and give it a quick skim (you may see some edits come through via Google Docs) and I’m impressed at your level of detail”

-Sarah Peterson 


“I appreciated your timeliness in responding and in being on top of things which made working with you easy and efficient”.

– Mar Pages (onceinalifetimejourney.com)

“Riya is keen to experiment and learn new things. Very methodical in approach to writing articles”.

– Nitin (unexploredbuddhistmonuments.com)

I like the level of strategic thinking and research that went into this piece! Great work there! ”.

– Phoebe Yao (Founder of Pareto)

I met Riya for content writing job. she is a very nice person. She knows her job very well. she maintained the deadline. Sometime in a very short notice she delivered the content. I am very happy with her service. wishing her all the best.”.

Moon Jana

(Media Production Professional)


Ready to take your product to the next level with strategic content?