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Freequently Asked Questions

Do I get a Sample copy?

Yes, I do a small assignment ranging between 300 to 500 words as a sample piece. It will give you a good idea about the quality of the content and at the same time it will help me in understanding your project requirements.

What is your approach to a project?

On receiving your query for , I get in touch with you over Skype or Zoom and discuss your project needs. I will learn about your objective , your targeted audience, where do you want the content to be published and the timeline within which you want it to be finished. Based on all the criteria, I will write a draft for you to check whether the write-up meets your specifications of style, tone, structure and general direction of the text.

How much do you charge?

The rates are determined by the complexity of the project and the time and effort which I spent in research, writing, proofreading, editing and requirement gathering.

Do you provide content updating/content rewriting services?

Yes, I do. I know the importance of fresh content in attracting search engine bots and customers, hence, I also offer content updating services.