Case Study: How Beaming Health Worked with Pareto to Connect Autistic Patients With Autism Service Providers

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The Company

Beaming Health is dedicated to helping families of autistic children. We know how hard parenting is with a child with special needs. The founders, Chris and Marissa, are on a mission to be the one stop shop for neurodiverse families.

Their website compiles materials that a family with an autistic child may need. So whether a family is looking for clinical specialists, an autism-friendly barber, summer camps, require assistance applying for grants, Beaming Health helps families set their kids up to thrive.

The Challenge

Data of such service providers was scraped  from several databases by Team Beaming Health. But when they combined it, they discovered that the majority of the information was outdated, and incorrect.

So the founders decided to get help from a few data integrity specialists from Fiverr and Upwork. And they were given some tasks to complete, such as spot checks.

After the submission of the work by the data specialist, Chris found that the work was of poor quality, particularly with Fiverr. Because the data was incorrect and outdated (samilarly as it was before), making it difficult to analyze.

The process of data collection used here was very similar to data scraping from the web, which proved unsuccessful.

Depending heavily on computer algorithms to get such data may lead to inaccurate information. And such wrong information can lead to patient frustration.

The Solution

Chris got to know about Pareto from one of his friends. After a meeting with Pareto he partnered with us for data collection. The requested data got delivered in 24 hours, and he used Pareto’s data to fill in the holes with the existing data.

The data specialists at Pareto delivered customized data with complete information, row by row, for each provider. This  included:

  • Their website address
  • The services they provide
  • The ages they serve
  • The provider’s education level
  • The insurance plans they accept

and all the other little details that are useful to parents.

The best aspect is that Patero’s data is error-free since, unlike other companies, it is produced and validated by our data professionals with the use of sophisticated tools.

“The Pareto team has been amazing. Their attention to detail, hustle, and communication are al 10/10 and I’m looking forward to partnering on many more projects” – Chris Olmanson (C0-Founder at Beaming)


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Disclaimer: This case study was written as a sample for a client.